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Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

The Computer Science & Engineering department was established in the year 2011. Since then, the department has been continuously making excellent progress.

Vision of the Department:

     To produce globally proficient, innovative and socially responsible computing professionals.

Mission of the Department:

  1. To provide world-class teaching-learning and research facilities.
  2. To motivate student’s logical thinking, creativity and communication skills effectively.
  3. To develop awareness about emerging trends through self initiative.
  4. To encourage a sense of societal and ethical responsibilities.
  5. To collaborate with industries and government organizations.

Program Educational Objectives 

      PEO 1: To educate the students for acquiring sound knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Engineering and understand various inter-related engineering discipline so as to meet the needs in the field of IT industries.

     PEO 2: To provide an excellent academic learning environment in Department of Computer Science and Engineering for facilitating students to become eminent team players.

     PEO 3: To facilitate the students with necessary knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, so as to succeed in GATE & Entrance examinations for pursuing higher studies.

      PEO 4: To expose the students over professional, ethical and social needs in order to shape them with leadership quality for analyzing and solving the engineering and social issues.


  • CASE Tools Lab
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Cloud Computing Lab
  • Mobile Applicaiton Development Lab
  • Internet Programming Lab
  • Hardware Lab
  • Networking Lab
  • System software and DBMS Lab