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on: Sep 25, Tue 2018

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organised a Guest lecture on Digital Electronics for the second year Electronics and Communication Engineering students on 25.09.2018. Mr.R.Kalbilan, AP/ECE of Francis Xavier Engineering College, Tirunelveli  was the resource person for the guest lecture. He delivered the lecture  about the “Memory Device and Digital Integrated circuits’’ and explained about the basic memory structure, programmable logic circuits and implementation of combinational logic circuits using PAL & PLA’S. He also discussed about various digital integrated circuits on the basis of logic levels, propagation delay, power dissipation, fan out – fan in, noise margin, logic families and their characteristics.

The students were enthralled and the session was really an eye opener and also acquired knowledge in the guest lecture. All the students felt that the lecture was useful and the resource person has also given the feedback about the students that they are very responsive for his lecture.