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Faculty orientation programme by Dr.K. Jeyakumar, General Manager (Development), SCAD Groups

on: Dec 07, Thu 2017

Dr.K.Jeyakumar, General Manager, Development, SCAD Group of Institutions conducted a Faculty Orientation programme for all the staff members at SMTEC. 

* Highlighted on the topic ‘Paradign Shift’ and reflected on the view through India had a strong history of education dated back as early as 5th century in Nalanda University at Bihar and our soil has been the birth place of many mathematical genius like Aryabatta and Tipu Sulthan a pioneer of defence even then we stay behind in development compared to many developing countries.

* He explained the AICTE – Model curriculam, a structure of undergraduate Engineering programme. Through the table faculty members were made clear of the total credits of the student (160) and as well as mandatory courses had been introduced ie., Mandatory induction programme – 3 week duration like physical activity, creative arts, universal human values, literary, profiency modules, lectures by eminent people, visits to local areas, familiarities to Department branch and innovation

* He also explained about the details of Blooms Revised Taxonomy and proceeded that learning, evaluating and analyzing are grouped under Higher questioning while applying, understanding and remembering come under the lower level of questioning. Thereby the question should be framed with higher order of questioning and the students should be trained in this. Then he also emphasized on class mono planning for the professors which included Alpha breathing, Recap, Evocating, general objectives , context, discussion, formative assessment and summary. All these would thereby help in the effective teaching strategy.

Principal Dr. Jerald Jebakumar placed great emphasis on the ideologies of Dr.k. Jeyakumar.

Vice Principal Mr. George klington made necessary arrangements for the smooth conduction of the event.